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The easiest way to display a toolbar is to right-click any visible toolbar. Click ACAD to find the same toolbars you'd get by right-clicking a displayed toolbar. .. In AutoCAD I am no longer able to see the names of my toolbars I go to the quick access toolbar and click on “more commands”, I got the.

With a cheerful, user-friendly design that sits on top of a powerful platform, Asana is a great choice for Mac owners. If you need to get support directly, you have options. Asana responded to us in seven hours when we sent it a question. Asana rewards doers with exciting animations. Cartoon animals fly across your screen as you complete tasks. The service has a free plan that allows you to create multiple projects and use its basic features, such as the list and kanban views.

Paid plans include dependency management and the Gantt-like timeline view. Read our how to use a Gantt chart article for more on that. Asana integrates well with other platforms. You can import from. You can read how Trello and Asana compare in our Trello vs. Asana feature. Asana has a selection of templates. They each include a starter task with text explaining how to use them, too. There are mobile apps if you want to use Asana on the go. Asana is fun, usable and useful. Read more about it in our Asana review. Trello is an easy-to-use, kanban-based tool. Many project management platforms include a kanban board, but Trello is based around it.

Its focused approach is great if you want something simple that everyone can use. Its basic workflow is to create cards that represent tasks. You drag those cards between columns to indicate their status. Trello gives you a lot of scope to change its appearance. In addition to the stickers we just mentioned, you can pick a background from a wide selection of them or upload your own on its paid plans.

Many companies use Trello to present information to the public or their customers. The custom backgrounds are great if you want to make it look good. People use it for all sorts of things, including restaurant menus and seating plans for events. It has a lot of extensions if you want to go further than what it does by default. That can save you a ton of time if you set it up correctly. Read more in our Trello review. Its three basic views are list, board and time. It has a box view that allows you to split the screen according to what different people are doing. Each task can have its own checklist of subtasks, and you can create dependencies, too.

You can share data with other platforms via its integrations.

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As with many tools, you can use the Zapier integration to link to over 1, other applications. If you like that feature, read our best note-taking apps article for more options. ClickUp has strong security, and lets you use two factor authentication, which you can learn about in our what is two-factor authentication article. It also complies with the EU-U. It has a large knowledgebase to help if you get stuck. We found a few minor bugs when sending our queries. Wrike and Basecamp are the fastest.

If you value quick support, compare them in our Wrike vs. Basecamp article. ClickUp is good-looking, functional and easy to use. Read more about it in our ClickUp review. Wrike is more business-focused than most of the tools on this list. You can see how it compares to a more relaxed tool in our Wrike vs. Asana article. As with most of the tools here, you can create tasks, divide them into subtasks and create relationships between them.

Dependency management allows you to spot potential delays in your project and act to fix problems before they occur. Wrike has a lot of views in which to work. In addition to the list, board and table, it has a Gantt chart, analytics, a stream and a timelog. If you need more, read our best cloud storage article. Wrike has a strong selection of templates that are worth looking through. The service also integrates well with several other platforms, including Adobe Creative Cloud.

Wrike has a free plan that can be used by teams of up to five people. It has excellent security, with two-factor authentication and many advanced features, such as password and network access controls. Those will help your team stay clear of cybercrime. Its app for macOS took a bit of hunting to find. We needed to log in to the browser version and look in its app directory.

After setting it up, we found it almost identical to the browser version. Wrike also has mobile apps if you want to use it on the go. Read more about it in our Wrike review. It came in first in our roundup of the best project management software. Its interface is one of the best, giving you little hints and previews of what everything does. If you like to learn by doing and experimenting, it facilitates that. Signing up is easy. You just enter an email address, then copy the six-digit code back into the app to get started. You are then taken through a quick setup wizard. There are also many templates to get started with, and monday.

Its desktop client surprised us by being rated 12 for profanity and crude humor. It then got stuck after we entered our data. Consider deployment - Some solutions may take more time, money, and effort to deploy than others. Find a solution that can be deployed on time for your next project without maxing out your available resources. Always try before you buy - Most project management software solution providers will give you access to video and live demonstrations of their software. Some go a step further by giving the project manager and a select number of team members access to the full package for a limited time.

Never commit to a solution until you've tried it or seen it in action. Microsoft Project : This self-hosted solution is one of the most popular options amongst both large and small organizations alike. Microsoft Project features an intuitive interface that will be very familiar for any current and past Windows users. Key features include user-controlled scheduling, task assignments, resource planning, and automated project status updates.

Microsoft Project also offers integration with a number of other Microsoft products, such as SharePoint, Excel, and Word. Additional noteworthy features include project templates, advanced reporting, and the ability to collaborate through Microsoft SharePoint. There are currently three editions of Microsoft Project that are available for purchase: Standard, Professional, and Server.

Standard and Professional have been designed only for desktop installation, while the Server edition can be installed on a compatible server.

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The software is currently compatible with Windows XP and all later versions. However, it is important to note that additional software and hardware may need to be purchased prior to installing any version of Microsoft Project and should be figured into the final cost. Due to the costs and maintenance requirements of this software, it may be better suited to companies with high expense accounts or small project teams. Basecamp : Basecamp is a Web-based solution that offers the ability to easily collaborate and track progress via any Internet browser.

Due to its ease of use and low pricing plans, it is popular amongst both small and mid-sized companies. However, large companies, such as Kellogg's, National Geographic, and Adidas also rely on this solution for their project tracking needs. Basecamp features a wealth of online tools for communication and collaboration, including a public message board, personal messaging, and automated email notifications that can be triggered any time a change to the project has been made or a communication has been received.

Other key features include a central database for project-related documents, personal task lists, time tracking, scheduling, project templates, and multilingual support. It also offers 15 GB of storage and accommodates up to 35 projects. There is also a free plan which allows for an unlimited number of users, a single project, but no file sharing. All paid plans include the full suite of features and the ability to purchase add-ons, such as mobile device support and integration with third party software.

QuickBase : This cloud-based software solution is popular amongst big businesses, including Google, Chevron, and eBay. QuickBase is known for its high level of customization, rich list of features, and ability to integrate with third party software. Key QuickBase features include easy data importing from a variety of sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, customizable forms and project templates, automated email notifications, and advanced reporting.

It is also possible to automate tasks, build a document database, and access the software through any Internet browser at any time. The mid-priced plan, Extended Team, provides support for up to users and tacks on additional storage space, while the most expensive plan, Enterprise, supports up to users and tacks on additional features, including a developer sandbox and security management.

Pricing for the Extended Team and Enterprise plans are available as individualized quotes directly from the manufacturer. FogBugz : FogBugz is a self-hosted and cloud-based project management tool that is known for its advanced reporting functionality, user friendly interface, and ability to drill down into data at a very granular level. Due its diverse range of plans, it will appeal to businesses of any size, but it will be better suited to projects involving software or hardware development.

Noteworthy FogBugz users include Amazon. FogBugz allows project members and team members to easily track bugs, scheduled items, and customer comments. Additional features include an advanced search, hierarchical task views, the ability to track a project's timeline in multiple formats, and a developer history. It is also possible to receive and sort incoming emails from existing customers and create tasks from messages. Huddle : This cloud-based solution has a wide range of plans that will appeal to small and large businesses alike. It also offers mobile device support, so project members can access their work from anywhere at any time.

Key Huddle features include customizable dashboards, an advanced search, project archiving, and online file sharing. Collaboration is also simplified through a central discussion board as well as a digital whiteboard that can be used for brainstorming. Both the discussion board and whiteboard track and save every comment that has ever been posted.

Originally Huddle was a fairly low-cost option, however as they pushed into the enterprise market they request you "contact sales" for pricing. They still offer a free day trial though. It is platform independent and can be accessed from any Internet browser. Key features of this software include a high level of customization, the ability to build multiple dashboards, configurable reports, templates, and resource assignments. A document database, portfolio manager, and time sheets are also included. It is also possible to establish a help desk and track issues within the application. There are currently two major feature packages available for task: Professional and Enterprise, with Enterprise being the most robust option.

There are also several different types of license, which affect users' abilities to interact with the software's features. For example, a Requester License will allow a user to submit requests and track those requests, while a Full User License gives a user the ability to access and modify everything within the application from dashboards, to plug-ins and reports.

Instead, they offer annual quotes based upon the company's stated needs. This price tag includes the cost of training and setup. Key features include a customizable interface, interactive timeline, email notifications, deadline reminders, and exportable reports. To learn more about this solution, email support 5pmweb. To find out more about solutions from 24SevenOffice, email info 24sevenoffice. Assembla - Assembla, which was launched in , is a Web-based service that offers a wide range of plans that can serve both small teams and entire organizations.

Key features include ticket management, chat, Wikis, time tracking, and task assignments. For more information about Assembla, email support assembla. BrightWork - BrightWork has been offering project management solutions since Their current solution works as a Microsoft SharePoint add-on and features project templates, Gantt charts, and project status tracking. If your servers are currently running SharePoint successfully, they should be able to run BrightWork. To find out more about this solution, call or email info brightwork.

Central Desktop - Founded in , this Web-based solution offers a wide range of features, including Web meeting functionality, Salesforce. For further information, call or email sales centraldesktop. Cerebro - Cerebro is a project management solution that is offered by CineSoft, which was established in This cloud-based software offers messaging, time planning, tagging, task lists, and search tools. Clarizen - Founded in , Clarizen offers Web-based project management and features budget management, resource tracking, document sharing, time tracking, and Gantt charts.

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It is also possible to create recurring tasks and group discussions. For more information, call or email sales clarizen. This cloud-based solution provides users with a document manager, Wiki, forum, and issue tracker. To learn more about this solution, call or email info intland. Collabtive - This self-hosted software was established in and is available as a free, open source download. It features time tracking, reporting, and file management. To run this software from your servers, PHP 5. For more information, email collabtive o-dyn.

Contractizer - This self-hosted solution is available from Objective Decision LLC, which has been operating since This software runs exclusively on Intel and PowerPC-based Macs and features mail merging, task management, as well as an address book. For further details, use the online form. It features budget management, product cataloging, proposal management, and canned reports. Small to mid-sized companies as well as charities utilize this software for their project management needs. This self-hosted application features a Web interface, reporting, activity histories, task management, and resource tracking.

Endeavour Software Project Management - Endeavor is a free and open source solution that features use cases, Gantt charting, a Web interface, project planning, and forum tools. To gain access to their technical support, it is possible to purchase monthly support plans. For further information, email e-cuellar users. Easy Projects. NET - Easy Projects. NET was founded in and currently operates as a self-hosted and cloud-based solution.

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Key features include task management, time logging, batch tools, message boards, and custom reporting. To run this software on your servers, a Windows Server operating system is required as well as IIS 6. To learn more, call or email info easyprojects. Based in PHP, this application offers task management, contact management, team calendars, file management, and time tracking. For further details, email info stylite. Key features include project templates, third party software integration, and scheduling tools. It is currently available for both the Mac and Windows platforms.

To learn more, call Feng Office Community Edition - Available since as a self-hosted and cloud-based application, Feng Office offers project overviews, workspaces, note taking tools, task management, and document management. The self-hosted version currently works on the Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. To find out more, use the online contact form. GanttProject - GanttProject was founded in and is available for free as a self-hosted application. It currently is compatible with the Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, and features resource assignments, Gantt charts, and exportable reports.

Gemini - Founded in , Gemini is available as a cloud-based and self-hosted service. Key features include multiple project management, templates, workflows, and permission allocation. Gemini consists of an ASP. The Microsoft. NET framework v3. Genius Inside - Founded in , Genius Inside offers both self-hosted and cloud-based product plans. Key features include third party software integration, portfolio management, project tracking, and document management. Glasscubes - This Web-based solution offers file sharing, task assignments, multilingual support, discussion boards, and automated email notifications.

Goplan - Goplan is a cloud-based application that provides users with task management, issue tracking, calendar, discussion, and time tracking tools. HyperOffice Collaboration Suite - This cloud-based solution is offered from HyperOffice, which has been in business since It features tools for online collaboration, document storage, contact management, and scheduling.

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For further information, call InLoox - InLoox was founded in and offers a variety of self-hosted project management solutions. Key features include project planning, task management, and Outlook integration. InLoox is currently compatible with Microsoft XP and later. To learn more, use the online contact form. Key features include a bug tracker, task boards, activity tracking, and change logs.

To find out more about this Java-based solution, call Journyx - Founded in , Journyx offers the self-hosted project management solutions, ProjectXecute. Key features include resource tracking, to do lists, task assignments, and integration with MS Project. For more information, call or email info journyx. Kayako - Established in , Kayako offers both self-hosted and cloud-based solutions. Key features include e-mail management, file management, and calendar management.

For more details, call KForge - KForge was founded in and is available as a free software download. To learn more, visit the KForge website. To learn more, email mail avatory. KPlato - KPlato is a free, self-hosted solution that has been designed for managing moderately large projects.

It offers task management, resource allocation, and budgeting tools. To find out more, visit the KPlato website. Launchpad - This free software collaboration platform offers bug tracking, code hosting, and translation services. For more information, visit the Launchpad website. LiquidPlanner - Founded in , LiquidPlanner is a cloud-based solution that offers the ability to track multiple projects, manage schedules, track time spent on tasks, share files, and integrate with email clients.

To learn more, call or email info liquidplanner. For more information, visit the MantisBT website. MatchWare MindView 3 Business - This self-hosted system offers brainstorming tools, project templates, Gantt charts, and task management tools. For more information, call or email usa matchware. Merlin - Founded in , Merlin offers self-hosted project management solutions for the Mac platform. Key features include multiple project views, task inspectors, a Web-based interface, and budgeting tools.

To find out more, email en-support merlin2. MicroPlanner X-Pert - Since , MicroPlanner X-Pert has been offering self-hosted applications that feature an intuitive user interface, resource management, and reporting functionality. For more details, email john microplanning. MindGenius - MindGenius was founded in and offers a self-hosted solution that features task management, Gantt charting, and reporting tools. To learn more, email info mindgenius.

Mingle - Mingle is available from ThoughtWorks Studios, which was founded in This self-hosted application offers a Web-based interface, shared workspaces, and task management. For further information, email studios thoughtworks. MyWorkPLAN - This self-hosted project management solution offers easy implementation, a user friendly interface, a document database, and customization options.

To find out more about this software, call or email info sescoi. O3spaces - This self-hosted solution offers document management, e-mail archiving, and a number of useful templates. It currently is compatible with the Windows operating system. To learn more, email info o3spaces.

This self-hosted solution features a task manager, user friendly interface, data sharing options, and scheduling tools. It is currently compatible with Mac OS X For more information about OmniPlan, call or email info omnigroup. OnePoint Project - This solution is available as a self-hosted and cloud-based application.

Key features include a task manager, project templates, Gantt charts, and document management. Open Workbench - This free software download is designed to be used in place of Microsoft Project. It is currently compatible with Windows , XP, and Server edition. To learn more, contact webmaster openworkbench. It is offered as a free alternative to Microsoft Project. For more information, call For further details, visit the phpGroupWare website.

PHProjekt - This software is available as a free download and features record management, a user friendly design, and multi-project management as well as interactive Gantt charts. To learn more, visit the PHProjekt website. Planisware 5 - This product is geared towards mid-sized to large organizations and offers portfolio management tools, a Web-based interface, and modular architecture. Planisware was founded in , and they can be contacted by calling or emailing info planisware.

Planner - Planner is a free self-hosted solution that is compatible with the Linux and Windows operating systems. It was written in C and features Gantt charts, task views, and resource management tools. To learn more, visit the Planner website.

Planner Suite - Planner Suite is a self-hosted application that features Gantt charts, task assignments, time sheets, a Web-based interface, and a reporting wizard. PM Excelerator - This self-hosted solution offers affordable pricing plans, project issue tracking, project checklists, and status reports. For more information, visit the PM Excelerator website. Principal Toolbox - This self-hosted solution from Fortes Solutions BV offers communication tools, reporting functionality, budgeting tools, and a Web-based interface. It is currently compatible with Windows XP, , and Project KickStart - This self-hosted application includes a step-by-step project wizard, professional Gantt charts, task management, and a centralized document database.

For further information, email sales projectkickstart. It offers personal dashboards, time management tools, automated notifications, team assignments, blogs, document management, and discussion tools. To learn more, email sales project. Project-Open - Project-Open is a free self-hosted system that offers Gantt charting, resource management, expense planning, time sheets, forums, and incident management. This application is currently compatible with the Windows and Linux operating systems. Projectplace - This self-hosted project management application was founded in and features user friendly tools for online collaboration, scheduling meetings, managing people, sharing documents, and managing tasks and projects.

For additional information, email info projectplace. ProjectSpaces - ProjectSpaces is a self-hosted and cloud-based project management solution that features document management, task management, notifications, and event tracking functionality. For more information on ProjectSpaces, call or email sales projectspaces. Projektron BCS - Founded in , Projektron BCS is a web-based project management solution that offers project planning, time recording, resource management, and invoicing tools. To learn more, use the online contact form to submit your inquiries. PSNext - This self-hosted system provides project managers and team members with time tracking, resource management, and scheduling tools.

It also features a Web-based interface. To install the software on your servers, the Apache Tomcat 5. To learn more, call or email info sciforma. Redmine - Redmine is a freely available open source download that features support for multiple projects, Gantt charting, calendars, issue tracking, time tracking, file management, and a project Wiki.

For more information on this solution, visit the Redmine website. Rachota - Rachota is a free self-hosted time tracking tool that provides users with HTML reports and tips for improving time management. It currently runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac machines. For more information, email rachota-users lists. It is also possible to allocate resources, assign tasks, and create reports. Severa - Severa was founded in and is offered as a cloud-based project management solution. It features multilingual support, free technical support, data backups, time tracking, document management, and invoicing tools.

Severa also offers a number of business reports and a highly stylized dashboard. Smartsheet - Since , Smartsheet has been offering a number of affordable and robust cloud-based project management services. Key features include file sharing, a Web interface, data importation from a variety of applications, Gantt charts, customizable project fields, reporting, and notifications.

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It is also possible to customize the interface with personal branding and color themes. For further information on Smartsheet, call TaskJuggler - This self-hosted solution is available as a free and open source software download. It features Gantt charts, task management tools, and resource management tools. Since it was written in Ruby, it is platform independent. To find out more about TaskJuggler, visit the TaskJuggler website.

Teamcenter - Teamcenter is available from Siemens, a company that was founded in It features user friendly tools for collaboration, project tracking, task management, and budget tracking. To learn more about this project management solution, call or email info. Teamwork - Teamwork is available through Open Lab, a company that was founded in Key features include a personalized project dashboard, resource planning tools, messaging, work log recording, and document management.

To find out more about Teamwork, email info twproject. TeamworkPM - TeamworkPM is a cloud-based solution that offers a wide range of monthly pricing plans that will appeal to both small and large businesses. Key features include the ability to assign tasks and set milestones, deadline reminders, scheduled reporting, messaging, file sharing, and social networking.

Tenrox - Tenrox project management software is available in the cloud and features accounting tools, Gantt charts, a document database, resource scheduling, and analytics. To learn more, email info tenrox. Trac - Trac is an open source download that offers an integrated Wiki and reporting tools. For further details, visit the Trac website.

Net - This self-hosted solution offers a full suite of features, including tools for collaboration, a Web-based interface, expense reporting, resource management, and document management. It is currently accessible through the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. To learn more about TrackerSuite. Net, email info Acentre. Ubidesk - Ubidesk is a cloud-based project management application that is available in a wide range of monthly priced plans. Key features include document collaboration, document revision tracking, a notepad, real-time task management, file storage, calendars, and automated email notifications for upcoming tasks.

To find out more about Ubidesk, email support ubidesk. Unawave - Unawave is a cloud-based project management tool that operates within the Google Wave collaboration framework. All that is required to run Unawave is a Google Wave account. Key features include executive dashboards, Google App integration, milestone scheduling, real-time online collaboration, and the ability to create, assign, and track tasks.

To learn more about Unawave, email info unawave. VPMi - VPMi offers affordable cloud-based solutions that include time sheets, valuing tools, Microsoft Project integration, risk management, budgeting tools, and status reporting. It is also possible to set up email notifications and collaborate through messaging tools. For more information, contact VPMi by emailing sales vcsonline. Key features include a dashboard, budgeting tools, document management, mail handling, and automated reminders.