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Copy Any Dvd To Your Mac - Mac Useful

Moreover, it really saves a lot of trouble for Mac users, for there is no need for them to insert the disc again and again. Then how can we duplicate DVD on Mac exactly?

As we know, Mac has built-in application to copy and burn a disc, so you can duplicate DVD on Mac by Mac's own function. Classified by subtle differences, two ways of duplicating by Mac's own programs are given as follows. One way is to select the DVD file that you want to copy, and in the "File" drop-down list of the "Finder" menu, you can either hit "Duplicate", which means you create a copy file of the original one, or hit "Burn Ask a question.

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How to rip and edit DVD movie on Mac OS X?

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  • Copy Any DVD To Your Mac [How To]?

This depends on where you live. You're unlikely to be prosecuted for making personal copies, but this is the very slim risk you take.

Importing DVDs with HandBrake

In , the British government introduced the Copyright and Rights in Performances Personal Copies for Private Use Regulations , which as the name suggests allowed users to copy digital media, including DVDs and Blu-rays, for personal use. But this was later quashed by a High Court ruling in , which insinuated that the government was wrong to allow the public to make copies of CDs and DVDs on the basis that there would be no compensation for those whose copyright was infringed.

Some courts have tried to leaven this rather harsh rule, but most have not. In practice, you're very unlikely to get into trouble for ripping a DVD to your Mac.

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And if you've bought the DVD yourself, most people would argue that you're on safe ground, ethically speaking. But the decision is yours. If you aren't planning to make copies to sell, or even share with your friends, it's unlikely that ripping them will get you in trouble. And since DVDs do have a shelf-life, in as much as they may not work in a few years time or right now if they are very old you may be wise to digitise them before it's too late.

Play a DVD movie file stored on your Mac

The other thing you will need is an optical drive. This is likely to be a challenge as no Mac has shipped with an optical drive since Apple stopped selling the 13in MacBook Pro in You may not need an optical drive in your Mac at all - you can access another Mac or PC with an optical drive from the Finder of your Mac, a long as both Macs are on the same network.

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  4. To do so you need to use Remote Disc, we discuss how to do that here. However, this method won't work for ripping Audio CDs, Blu-rays or DVD movies, not will it work on any copy protected disks, so it may not work in this situation.