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The easiest way to display a toolbar is to right-click any visible toolbar. Click ACAD to find the same toolbars you'd get by right-clicking a displayed toolbar. .. In AutoCAD I am no longer able to see the names of my toolbars I go to the quick access toolbar and click on “more commands”, I got the.

I couldn't find a thread discussing this behavior, but I know Yosemite is new. Also, since this is clearly a bug, can someone tell me the best way to report this to VMWare? I'm sure they want to know about bugs, but I don't know the best way to report them.

7 MacOS display settings to help you see your Mac better

They were very helpful when I discovered the hard way that upgrading to Yosemite before first checking to see if Fusion 5 was compatible it isn't was a mistake on my part - they got me back on track and even though it's a bear to find out how to get a live person on the line with the VMWare site, once I did, I eventually got a guy who nailed it - kudos to their tech support team for that.

Thank you for pointing that out - that worked! I didn't even know about that setting - frankly, since first setting up Fusion 5, I never had to adjust the settings, so I learned something new. Perhaps what I need to do is read up on whatever online documentation is available to see what else I may have missed! I'm actually having this very same issue. I did everything listed in this thread, and when I go to set my windows machine at x, when I swipe back to Yosemite and then swipe back to the Windows 7 machine, Fusion has set the resolution back to x Any suggestions??

This doesn't work for multiple monitors. Anytime I switch workspaces, the resolution gets screwed up on all 3 and I have to readjust it.

7 MacOS display settings to help you see your Mac better

This happened sometimes in Mavericks, but now it's every time I switch. I tried Unity, but it's not working right at all. I can't maximize windows; the maximize button does nothing. When I click and drag a corner to make a window bigger, as soon as I let it go, the window snaps to the screen in a different position.

It is especially annoying considering that this used to occur in Fusion 5?

Set the Primary Display on a Dual-Screen Mac Setup

Now it appears the issue has returned. Have you tried to change the setting "Automatically adjust user interface size Apparently that tool is responsible for resetting the Windows resolution.

Even more resolutions

The down side is, you're stuck with whatever resolution you set. If you want to change it, you have to repair VM Ware Tools, so it reinstalls that resolution tool, and repeat the procedure.

Even more resolutions

You are my personal HERO! Thank you so much for posting this. I was going nuts trying every combination, doesn't matter what guest OS or fusion display setting, it just decides to revert to whatever resolution it thinks is best. Come on VMWare team - why is this not a setting in the preferences pane?

Fix macOS Mojave Screen Resolution(HiDPI) on VMware

This has been a problem since version 5. Do you guys actually use your own product in the real world?! I was experiencing same kind of problem with Mountain Lion since upgraded to Fusion 6: the screen resolution was reset in the VM to the wider available at each reboot.

Annoying issue but supportable, which persisted after upgrade to Fusion 7. For security reasons, enter your password correctly when required and hit Enter on your keyboard. Without this, what you might have noticed is that the second resolution HiDPI has vanished and that is a great news! Please tell me I follow your all instruction to fix resolution in mac OS 14 but I have different issues in resolution. How to fix it????

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